Monday, June 14, 2004

signs of the times

A wise gnome minion once said, "The world is a different place from yesterday. People are fighting, dying, arguing, and watching stupid television sitcoms. You have become complacent. That's why you'll never see the gnome coup coming! Right now various factions of the gnome alterworld are congealing, like puss on a deep gash, awaiting the hallmark moment.

What the fuck? No, sorry, no time for that. Gnomes are too power mad now. They want your potato chips, yellow socks, TV remote controls, and soul shards. Careful now... if you're soul is not in pristine condition you should ..... be afraid ... be very afraid. "

Are you ready for their coming?

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Come together brothers!

Gnome Minions of the world unite. Our time is at hand. Our good masters are rallying together at the Gnome World Domination Summit to discuss the fate of the world. It pleases them that we should continue in loyal service.

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